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 GAUDÍ - The man - Biographic synthesis
Extended biography:   Birth and childhood    Gaudí's Ancestry    Education and early professional live    Architectural studies come to an end    Professional beginnings    Gaudí's private life    A time of plenty    Final years 
Chronology    Influences    Gaudí's Political and Patriotic Sentiment    Gaudí's friends    Gaudí's collaborators
 The work Architectonic work:   In  Catalonia   Out of Catalonia
Characterístic styles:   Early period    Mudèjar-Moorish    Evolving Gothic    Expressionist Naturalism    Organic Synthesis
Technical aspects:   Gaudí's architectural technologie Geometrie and mechanics
Decorative aspects:   Ceramics    Furniture    Iron and other metals    Stained glasses
 Sources and other information Links    Bibliography    Bookshop on Gaudí    Other Catalan Art Nouveau architects 


In Barcelona:

Eduard Calvet House
Batlló House
Vicens House
Santa Teresa School
Sagrada Família Schools

La Pedrera
Güell Pavilions
Güell Palace

Park Güell
Sagrada Família
Miralles Property Fence

In La Pobla de Lillet:
Catllaràs Villa  
Artigas Gardens  

In Mataró:
Workers Cooperative

In Montserrat:
Monumental rosary (1st mistery of Glory)

In Santa Coloma de Cervelló:
Colònia Güell Crypt  

In Garraf (Sitges):
Güell Cellars

Out of Catalonia:
Botines House
El Capricho
Episcopal Palace (Astorga-Spain)

Gaudí Portrait

Life (See also Chronology):
Gaudí was the greatest figure of the Art Nouveau movement in Catalonia known as "Modernisme". His works are famous all over the world.
Born in Reus (Baix Camp, Catalonia) on June 25, 1852, his schooldays were spent  in the Escoles Pies at Reus. After leaving the school, he went to Barcelona where he studied at the Institut d'Ensenyament Mitja and in the Sciences Faculty of Barcelona University.
He graduated as architect in 1878.
Almost his entire professional activity took place in Barcelona, where the greater part of his work is found.
The social circumstances he lived, a period with a strong city, economic and urban development, the protection of a powerful middle class with the aim to be close to the European tendencies of this period, the development during his life of the "Renaixença" (new impulse of the Catalan culture between XIX and XX century), are the base upon wich Gaudí built his incredible fantasy.

Influenced by Violet-Le-Duc and Ruskin, he was one of the main architects of Art Nouveau, where he is normally classified. However, as other big genius, it is very difficult to classify him, and some opinions classify Gaudí into other artistic tendencies. The count of Güell   Portrait

Gaudi biography is closely related to the Güell family, a family with a huge prestige in industrial and artistic circles at this time in Barcelona.
For this reason, he build for this family the Palau Güell, the Park Güell, the Colonia Güell and other works.
In addition to the residential and urban building, Gaudí activity was devoted to the construction of some religious buildings as the Sagrada Família (Holy Family Church) in Barcelona, the Crypt of the Colonia Güell in Santa Coloma de Cervelló and the school of "Santa Teresa de Ganduxer" also in Barcelona.
His global concept of architecture is the reason why, his genius is manifested not only on the front walls and external areas of buildings, but also in the interiors developed with the help of many prestigious  craftsmen. 
After some years of criticism generated by the "Noucentisme" (artistic movement opposed to Art Nouveau developed in Catalonia between 1910 and 1936), today the prestige of Gaudí is a fact accepted all around the world by specialists and people.
Antoni Gaudí died in Barcelona rolled by a tramway the 10 June of 1926


Gaudí Collaborators:
In order to develop his enormous architectonic work, Gaudí gathered an exceptional set of collaborators, such as architects, sculptors and craftsmen (Contractors, decorators, plasterers, specialists in forge, smelters, carpenters, glassworkers, ceramists, etc.). All of them developed in their respective specialties an enormous work that was closely supervised by Gaudí himself who had a perfection persistence that frequently forced time and time again to repeat works he considered insufficiently elaborated. Naturally and given to the time elapsed and the historical vicissitudes, much of the information had been lost, but we still can know many of these exceptional technicians and workers, some of which are mentioned next:

Architects: Craftsman:  

Francesc Berenguer i Mestres
Josep Canaleta i Cuadras
Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert 
Camil Oliveras Gensana
Joan Rubió i Bellver 
Domènec Sugrañes i Gras

Joan Beltran
Jaume Busquets
Joan Flotats
Josep Llimona i Bruguera
Carles Mani i Roig
Joan Matamala i Flotats
Llorenç Matamala i Pinyol 
Rosend Nobas i Ballbé

Alexandre de Riquer i Ynglada
Ramon Tusquets i Maignon

Building contractors:  
Josep Bayo i Font            
Policarpo Arias Rodriguez 
Agustí Massip
Joiners: Eudald Puntí
Julià Soley
Casas i Bardés
Ceramics:  Pujol i Bausis
Sebastià Ribó
Locks: Joan Oñós
Decorators: Gaspar Homar  
Antoni Oliva 
Francesc Vidal i Jevellí
Sadurní Vilalta i Amenós
Iron structures:  Torres Ferreria i Construccions
Iron: Germans Badía   
Lluís Badía 
Salvador Gabarró
Vallet i Piqué  
Forged iron:  Manyach 
Painters and decorators: Aleix Clapés i Puig
Marble: Taller Ventura Germans
Stained-glass: Tallers Pelegrí
Plasterers:  Joan Beltrán

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Books on Gaudí


Other Catalan Art Nouveau Architects:
Antoni Gaudí i Cornet     Lluís Domènech i Montaner     Josep Puig i Cadafalch     Antoni Maria Gallissà i Soqué     Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert     Cèsar Martinell i Brunet     Manel Joaquim Raspall i Mallol     Joan Rubió i Bellver     Enric Sagnier i Villavecchia     Salvador Valeri i Pupurull     and others.