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Basic information   History and description   Images   Other works of GaudÝ
GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Tower
Basic information:
Location:     Carrer de les Carolines, 24     Barcelona
  xxxx(3 on 5)
Present condition:  Outside / Inside: Acceptable 
  Buses: 22, 24, 31, 32
Visits: The  building is the property of a private owner. Visits are consequently restricted.
Ruta del Modernisme

History and description:
This is the first important project of the architect Antoni GaudÝ i Cornet.
Built between 1883 and 1888, the house Manuel Vicens i Montaner is an imaginative residential project made for a rich family owning a ceramic factory. This is reflected in the fašade with a big variety of ceramic decoration.
The building has different volumes separated by angles in an opposite concept to the curved shapes of La Pedrera.
The interior atmosphere of parts of the building has some influence of Islamic architecture, this influence is strongly manifested into the room named the "fumoir" (Smoke room).

Ornamentation of ceiling is related to plants and flowers showing nice color contrasts.



GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Fašade angle

GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Street fašade

GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Balcony and windows

GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Windows

Fašade on different angles
GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Main door


GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Garden fašade


GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Lantern and grating


GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Grating


GaudÝ   Casa Vicens   Grating

Different views of forged iron fence

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