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On Jujol:  Biography   Works     
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In Barcelona:  
Planells House
Monumental fountain of Spain square

In Constantí:
Baptistery and Presbytery of the Parish Church

In Cornellà:
Can Camprubí

In Creixell:
Tower top of Sant Jaume Church

In Els Pallaresos:
Ca l'Andreu
Bofarull House
Soler House

In Montferri:
Montserrat Shrine

In Renau:
Restoration of the Lloret shrine

In Sant Joan Despí:
Can Negre  
Gamisans House -attributed- 
Rovira House
S. Joan Baptista Church 
Reixat (Grating)
Torre de la Creu (Casa dels ous) xxxxx
Serra-Xaus Villa
Jujol Villa 

In Tarragona: 
Abad House
Ximenis House
Metropol Theater

In Vallmoll:
Roser Shrine

In Vistabella (La Secuita):
Sagrat Cor Church  xxxxx

Jujol: Portrait





Josep Maria Jujol was born in Tarragona, on 16 September 1879. 
In 1883 he went with his family to Gracia (a town close to Barcelona later integrated in the city).  
He finished his baccalaureate studies in 1896. 
Once his elementary studies were finished, he went to Barcelona to study in the Sciences Faculty and later in the Escola Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona from 1901, when
Domènech i Montaner was the Director. 
He was titled as architect in 1906. 
In 1904 he started to work with
Gaudí, never stopping his close collaboration with him until the great architect’s death in 1927, and helping him in the construction of La Pedrera, Park Güell and other works. 
He was a professor of the Escola Superior d'Arquitectura de Barcelona from 1910. In addition to his work as architect, he also pursued very interesting side-lines as a designer and sculptor (Professor of Barcelona Escola del Treball). 
The architectural work of Jujol is modest, not only in the size and characteristics of his commissioned works, but also for their small budgets (especially in comparison with the big Art Nouveau Catalan architects
Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner, Puig i Cadafalch, Sagnier and others), but these are no reasons to deny his genius. In fact the contrast between the limitation of his possibilities and the richness and originality of his works is one of the most interesting aspects of Jujol’s output.  
The works listed on the left hand side of this page may be regarded as his most important, but they form only a small part of the large quantity of small-scale works that he built in Catalonia, essentially around the Camp de Tarragona region.  
Josep Maria Jujol died in Barcelona, on 1 May 1949.

Correction of English text by Gary Nisbet

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Specific Bibliography on Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert

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Books on Jujol



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