Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert – Vistabella Sagrat Cor Church

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Josep Maria Julol i Gibert

Basic information

Location: Plaça de l’Església Vistabella – La Secuita (Tarragonès)
Qualification: xxx (3 on 5)
Present Condition: Outside: Good, Inside: Acceptable partially restored of civil war (1936-1939) fire consequences. It is a project to be completed, as quick as possible, the restoration of all the paintings of the interior.
Visits: During religious celebrations (Variable timing) and previous appointment calling at phone (34) 977 61 00 43 (only Catalan and Castilian languages)

History and description

Designed by Josep Maria Jujol i Gibert and built between 1918 and 1923.
Vistabella is a small village part of the municipality of La Secuita, near Tarragona. This village had not a church and its people was agree in 1918 to commission Jujol to project that church.
Jujol, a very religious man, accepted that commission instead of the short budget, and to save that problem, he built the church with very simple elements, only land stone and brick for the structure, and wood, forged iron and simple materials for the decorative elements as lamps, candelabrums, etc. (a fantastic and imaginative representation of the said “arte povera” or “Franciscan art”)
Alabaster windows and decorated crystal with saints images are there for external light attenuation and to assure a calm ambiance.
The building is adapted to its landscape. For some architects followers of Jujol work, that church of rough appearance is one of the big European works of the XXth. century.


Image #1 courtesy of Postals Lluís del Rei.
All other images by courtesy of Jordi Amat.

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