Greetings and thank you for visiting Gaudi All Gaudi. My name is Antonio and I can be reached at admin @ gaudi all gaudi.com.

The purpose of our site is:

– To offer progressively an overview on the Art Nouveau (Modern Style) in Catalonia
This overview will include: A specific / common page for each Art Nouveau building or work shown.
A specific / common page for each artist / architect mentioned.
The access to each page will be made from homepage to any kind / art / artist by clicking on correspondent
links. The specific works will be acceded from the page of artist / architect or from walk page clicking directly
on general map of Catalonia – or from the list of cities left – (for cities with a unique work) and after clicking on the
specific plan of the city if various works are in it.

– In case of buildings, initially only external photos will be offered. But progressively in the next future we also will offer, where possible, images of interiors, designs, plans, videos, virtual visits and / or other available information.

– Due to the celebration in 2002 of the GAUDÍ YEAR, a special attention was putted on the works of that architect.

– In 2003 the information on Gaudí was updated, and the development of the site will be continued, including new areas on Literature, Music and special aspects of Art Nouveau in Catalonia. Also, we will follow to develop the pages on Architecture, Sculpture, Painting and Decorative Arts.

– Instead of the fact that this is a site showing essentially the works of the most famous Art Nouveau architects (Gaudí, Domènech i Montaner and Puig i Cadafalch), a growing attention will be put on the less known architects and artists who frequently developed his very interesting production out of Barcelona in other cities, towns and villages.


– Any information on works, time-tables, celebrations, activities, events, contents, etc. do not represent for us a compromise in any aspect, and are only given as an information to be confirmed by the reader.

– Instead of the fact that all the information, writing or graphic used in the web is practically of our own development. We will be very grateful to be informed in case of any use into the site of protected information.