Josep Pinos i Comes (1867-1916)

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Gat ros i blanc
Gat gris i blanc

Flors amb gerro

Bosc al capvespre
Camí a Olot
Prat i arbres

Dama amb mocador al coll
Dama de les plomes
Dama del ventall
La noia de la flor vermella
Noia amb un pomell de flors
Noia amb fons vermell
Noia de negre
Noia vestida de festa
Noia vestida d’hivern
Noia de blau i blanc
Noia dels cabells rossos
Retrat de dama
Retrat de dama

A la orxateria
A l’hort
Bust de caprici
Davant del mirall
Descans després de la festa
El suplici de Tàntal
La dama dels ocells
Nena al balcó
Nens jugant
Noia al camp (unfinished)
Noia amb gos al jardí
Noia del mocador vermell
Noia escrivint
Preparant-se per la festa
Sortida del teatre
Estudis (various)


Born in Barcelona in 15 January 1867.
He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona.
Pinós i Comes, in opposition with other painters of the same period, lived all his life in Barcelona and developed his work basically around his family – some of the members of it are depicted in his pictures -. For that reason hi is not very much known out of specialized circles, in fact Pinós i Comes as other Modernists (Art Nouveau artists) didn’t need to sale his works and he frequently preferred to give them to his family and friends as presents. Nevertheless, he exposed some of his paintings in various collective exhibitions as:

In Sala Parés in Barcelona in 1890, 1892 and 1900.
Exhibition of the Municipality of Barcelona in 1891.
In Cercle de Sant Lluch in 1893, 1895 and 1897.
In the Ateneu Barcelonés in 1893.
Other exhibitions in Barcelona in 1894, 1896 and 1898.
Various exhibitions in Olot.

A lot of mentions of his works where made in various cultural magazines during his life as in “La Ilustración artística”, “Hispania” and “Pel i ploma” – the prestigious magazine of Art Nouveau at that period in Catalonia -.
It is important to say that he is sometimes mix up with another contemporary painter named Joan Pinós i Pallà, consequently, after an initial period, he signed all his works with his complete name of Pinós i Comes frequently completed with the year of the painting.
The most frequent motives he depicted were portraits, landscapes – specially on the region of Olot where he had a house and where he came during summer holidays, and of his property in the district of Horta in Barcelona -, studies various and pets – specially cats -.
The techniques he normally employed were essentially pastel and oil on canvas.
The fact that Josep Pinós is not a well known artist, can’t change the beauty, variety and extreme sensibility of his works.
Josep Pinós i Comes died in Barcelona the 24 December of 1916 at the age of 49 years.



(L to R)
Gat ros i blanc
Gat gris i blanc


(L to R)
Flors amb gerro


Row 1: -Bosc –Bosc al capvespre –Prat i arbres –Camí a Olot
Row 2: -Sotabosc –Tardor


(L to R)
Row 1: -Dama de les plomes –Dama del ventall –La noia de la flor vermella –Liceu
Row 2: -Mallorquina –Noia del pomell de flors –Noia amb fons vermell –Noia de negre
Row 3: -Noia vestida de festa –Noia vestida d’hivern –Noia de blau i blanc –Noia dels cabells rossos
Row 4: -Retrat de dama –Retrat de dama –Dama amb mocador al coll –Pensativa



(L to R)
Row 1: -Divinitat –Descans després de la festa –Davant del mirall –Gronxador
Row 2: -Japonesa –La dama dels ocells –Nena al balcó –Noia al camp
Row 3: -Noia amb gos al jardí –Noia del mocador vermell –Noia escrivint –Preparant-se per la festa
Row 4: -Repòs –Somriure –Collint maduixes –Nena collint síndries
Row 5: – Nens jugant

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