Wine cathedrals:

Wine Cathedrals
Cèsar Martinell
Cooperativa Agricola de Rocafort de Queralt
Cooperativa Agricola de Vila-rodona
Sindicat Agricola d’Aiguamúrcia
Sindicat Agricola d’Alió
Sindicat Agricola de Cabra del Camp
Sindicat Agricola de Pinell de Brai
Sindicat Agricola de Pira
Sindicat Agricola de Sant Isidre de Nulles
Sindicat de viticultors de Montblanc

Disappeared Art Nouveau buildings:

Works of Gaudí:
La Miranda

Works of Domènech i Montaner:
1888 Universal Exhibition Hotel in Barcelona

Works of Puig i Cadafalch:
Trinxet House

Works of Sagnier i Villavecchia:
Club Marítim de Barcelona

Funerary Art Nouveau:

Cemetery of Arenys de Mar
Cemetery of Barcelona
Cemetery of Cardedeu
Cemetery of Lloret de Mar
Cemetery of Olius New
Cemetery of Sitges
See also Works of Domènech i Montaner in other countries

Funerary Architecture of Puig i Cadafalch
Funerary Architecture of E. Sagnier i Villavecchia

Funerary Sculptures by Eduard B. Alentorn
Funerary Sculptures by Llimona (see also The Angel in Comillas)
Funerary Sculptures by V. Vallmitjana
Funerary Sculptures by Reynés and Fuxà

Unrealized Art Nouveau projects:

Gaudí projects:

Colonia Güell Church
Hotel in New York (USA)
School in Tangier (Morocco)

Works of Catalan Art Nouveau architects and artists in other countries:

Works of Gaudí:

El Capricho in Comillas (Cantabria – Spain)
Botines House (León – Spain)
Astorga Episcopal Palace (León – Spain)

Works of Domènech i Montaner:

Cemetery in Comillas (Cantabria – Spain)
Tres caños Fountain in Comillas (Cantabria – Spain)
Gran Hotel in Palma de Mallorca – Spain)
Pontifical university of Comillas (Cantabria – Spain)

Works of Josep Grases i Riera:

Longoria Palace in (Madrid – Spain)

Works of Joan Martorell i Montells:

Sobrellano Palace (Comillas – Cantabria – Spain)

Works of Pau Monguió i Segura:

Cathedral main gate (Teruel – Spain)
Ferran house (Teruel – Spain)
Villaespesa church (Teruel – Spain)
El Torico house (Teruel – Spain)
La Madrileña house (Teruel – Spain)
Escriche house (Teruel – Spain)
Arrabal schools (Teruel – Spain)
Rubielos de Mora schools (Teruel – Spain)

Works of Enric Nieto:

Building Avenida de la Democracia (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Building “El acueducto” (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Building “La Reconquista” (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Cámara de Comercio (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Cristales House (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Tortosa House (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Vicente Martinez House (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Casino Español (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
“El Telegrama del Rif” Journal (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Mezquita (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Cristal Palace (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Asamblea Palace (Melilla Spain-North Africa)
Sinagoga (Melilla Spain-North Africa)