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aths and viaducts

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 On the Paths and viaducts of the Park:  Description  Images
 On the Park:  Basic information   History and description
 Park Güell different areas: Main gateway  Big square and Colonnade  The bench  Gaudí house  Paths and viaducts
 Handicapped accessibility
 Additional information:  Books on Park Güell   Other works of Gaudí

Gaudí was very interested to assure good communication between the different parts of the park. For that reason he built a path network, and to connect the different levels, he built also some viaducts. That viaducts-paths are the Bugadera (the washerwoman), and the three viaducts located around the Casa-Museu Gaudí.
The Bugadera path show  a series of different pillars at different levels, all them built with stone taken from the park land. The portico is supported by a line of inclined columns. The end of the portico is formed by a semicircle of columns in two levels. In the opposite extreme of path stands the statue of washerwoman as one more of motifs decorating every column.
Each of three viaducts (Lower, Medium and Upper) are build in a very different manner.




Bugadera (washerwoman) path:
Gaudí: Park Güell Bugadera Viaduct

Gaudí: Park Güell Bugadera Viaduct

Gaudí: Park Güell Bugadera Viaduct

Gaudí: Park Güell Bugadera Viaduct

Gaudí: Park Güell Bugadera Viaduct

Gaudí: Park Güell The Bugadera

Lower viaduct:

Gaudí: Park Güell Lower Viaduct Gaudí: Park Güell Path over a viaduct

  To:  Main gateway
         Big square and Colonnade
         The bench
         Gaudí house

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