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Big square and Colonnade

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 On the Big square and Colonnade of the Park:  Description  Images
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Just upper the stairs starting at main gateway level, an impressive colonnade has the function to support the big square who is upside. That colonnade is a space  formed by 86 massive Doric columns. The outside columns are inclined to compensate the square weight.
On the roof of colonnade four big coloured plafonds are in the place of inexistent columns and fourteen small ones into the concavities between columns around of four big ones. Heads of lions in stone are there, all around the limits of the colonnade and big square, to make the function of water drains.  
The big square is placed directly above the colonnade and limited on the city side by the famous undulating bench (a special page is devoted to it).
This square is used today as an area for popular feasts. The square is normally full of walkers enjoying nature and relaxing with the soft Mediterranean weather of Barcelona, surrounded by marvellous Gaudí works.


  Gaudí Park Güell Back benches and Columns.JPG   Gaudí: Park Güell Big square and bench    Gaudí: Park Güell Big square end
Different views of big square and colonnade supporting it. The square is encircled by an undulating line of benches decorated with broken ceramic

Gaudí: Park Güell Viaduct on big square  Gaudí: Park Güell Viaduct on big square  Gaudí: Park Güell Big square  Gaudí: Park Güell Big square 
Views on the mountain side of big square


Gaudí: Park Güell Colonnade  Gaudí: Park Güell Colonnade and plafonds  Gaudí: Park Güell Plafond  Gaudí: Park Güell Colonnade 
Different types of columns and a mosaic ceiling rosette in hypostyle colonnade

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